Slow Food – Revision

Slow Food Nations 2017 – Food Justice Resource Guide

Books ​

Alkon, Alison H. and Agyeman, Julian eds., Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability MIT Press (2011)

Berry, Wendell The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture, Sierra Club Books (1977).

Bollinger, Holly, Women of the Harvest: Inspiring Stories of Women Farmers, MBI Publishing Co. LLC (2007)

Bowens, Natasha, The Color of Food, Stories of Race, Resilience and Farming, New Society Publishers (2015)

Braidotti, Rosi (ed.) with Charkiewicz, Ewa (author), Hausler, Sabine (author), and Wieringa, Saskia (author), Women, the Environment and Sustainable Development: Towards a Theoretical Synthesis, Zed Books (1994)

 Desmarais, Annette (ed.), Wittman, Hannah (ed.).  and Wiebe, Nettie (ed.) Food Sovereignty: Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community, Fernwood Publishing (2010)

Gottlieb, Robert and Joshi, Anupama, Food Justice, MIT Press (2010)​

Hauter, Wenonah, Foodopoly: The Battle over the Future of Food and Farming in America, New Press (2014)

Imhoff, Daniel, Food Fight: The Citizen’s Guide to a Food and Farm Bill, Watershed Media (2012)

Jolly, Desmond A., Outstanding in their Fields: California’s Women Farmers, UC Davis Small Farm Center (2005)

LaDuke, Winona, Recovering the Sacred: The Power of Naming and Claiming, Haymarket Books (2005)

Shiva, Vandana, Violence of the Green Revolution: Third World Agriculture, Ecology and Politics, Zed Books (1991).

Shiva, Vandana (ed.), Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed, South End Press (2001).

Shiva, Vandana Soil Not Oil: Environmental Justice in a Time of Climate Crisis, South End Press (2008)

Wald, Sarah D., The Nature of California, Race, Citizenship and Farming Since the Dustbowl, University of Washington Press (2016)​

Other readings

An Annotated Bibliography on Structural Racism Present in the U.S. Food System: Fourth Edition (Michigan State University 2017)

In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation Settlement

Mantey, J. Ama, Beyond Access: What the Movement for Black Lives’ Policy Says About Food, Civil Eats (Nov. 1, 2016)

Morehouse, Lisa, Farming behind barbed wire NPR (February 19, 2017)

Pollan, Michael. An Open Letter to the Farmer in Chief. New York Times Magazine, October 9, 2008.

Slocum, Rachel, Anti-racist Practice and the Work of Community Food Organizations, published in Antipode Journal (March 2006)


 Ben Burkett Story


Food Justice Organizations

The Black/Land Project

Brooklyn Movement Center​

Campaign for Food and Community Justice Now

The Catalyst Project

Civil Eats

Detroit Black Food Security Network

DC Central Kitchen

Domestic Fair Trade Association

The Food Chain Workers Alliance

Food First

Food Labor Research Center​

Food Research and Action Center

Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative

Growing Power

HEAL Food Alliance

The Highlander Research and Education Center .

LA Kitchen

National Black Food and Justice Alliance ​


The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond….​

PolicyLink: Center for Health Equity and Place

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Project South

Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation

Restaurant Opportunity Center

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance, esp. their seed school!

Seed Savers Exchange’s Community Seed Program

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Union of Concerned Scientists

U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance


Additional Resources

Fair Trade
Catholic Relief Services – Ethical Trade

Fair Trade information including downloadable fliers and other documents on specific products as well as a detailed and interactive 8-module curriculum for teaching the core principles behind Fair Trade.

Fairtrade Foundation, What Is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade USA, Fair Trade Certified

Fairtrade International, Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) Standards

Green America, Guide to Fair Trade –

Farm Workers​

Pfeffer, John Bringing a Living Wage to the Farm​, Alternet (July 11, 2006)

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Paz, Adriana, Harvest of Injustice: The Oppression of Migrant Workers on Canadian Farms, Global Research: Centre for Research on Globalization (2008)

Ramirez, Kathia El Sueño Americano – The American Dream, WhyHunger (2017)

Student Action with Farmworkers

Student/Farmworker Alliance

Food Movements

Global Movements Program: Supporting Movements for Food Sovereignty and Agroecology, WhyHunger

Green, Duncan, From Poverty to Power: How active citizens and effective states can change the world Oxfam (2d ed. 2008, 2012)

Holt-Giménez, Eric (ed.) Food Movements Unite! Strategies to Transform Our Food Systems, Food First (2011)

Just Food – What is Food Justice?

Scorza, D’Artagnan; Henderson, Nikki; Castillo, La Mikia White Paper: Facilitating Change in the Food Justice Movement, WhyHunger (August 2012)

Racial Justice Tools

The Catalyst Project

The Highlander Research and Education Center….

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Project South

Racial Equity Tools

Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation

Undoing Racism: The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond

Tribal Sovereignty ​

500 Nations

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Resource Lists

Slow Food Nations 2017 Food Justice Working Group

Cheryl Brock (OR), Jennifer Casey (WI), Howard Conyers (LA), Dan Cornelius (Turtle Island), Michael Easterling (NY), *Jim Embry (KY), Lauren Howe (CO), Sophie Javna (CO), *Charity Kenyon (CA), Peter Morich (GA), Tiffany Nurrenbern (CA), Peter Ruddock (CA), Julie Shaffer (GA), Kathryn Underwood (MI),  Ed Yowell (NY) (*co-chairs)

Slow Food Nations 2017 Food Justice Programming– Chapter and individual donors – thank you!

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